The Salty Biscotti Eshop Photography Ses
Salty Biscotti - The Eshop

A place where true photography passion, meets love for genuine food stories.

Creating aesthetic images and translating your ideas into a picture, is what “The Salty Biscotti” is about.

That is the vision of the creator of this eshop, Food & Product Photographer Marianthi Konstantopoulou. 


A friendly, inspiring place, where you can have access into everything involving a photography project.

From the “know-how” to style and compose your images via our courses & services, to a large collection of unique backdrop designs and beautiful props that complete your scenery and allow you to freely make your ideas, real.


Above all, “The Salty Biscotti Shop” is a work of heart, a work of love for creativity, a community sharing the same passion for food & still life photography.


We mostly hope that you will enjoy your stay, that our beautiful collections make you a little happier and inspire your day a bit more!!

Thank You So Much for being here!!

Welcome aboard!! 🙂