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Welcome To The Salty Biscotti World

Updated: May 3

Hey y`all, I am Marianthi, proud owner of "The Salty Biscotti".

Welcome to my creative space, my Salty Biscotti.

Here, I combine my passion for food & product photography, with my love for designing photo backdrops & selecting stunning styling props.

My shop is a one-stop-shop for photographers, stylists & video creators & You are more than welcome to fullly explore it. I am from my heart dedicated to providing you with the best tools & inspiration to bring your photography projects to life.

All of my backdrops are created by me, either discovered on my walks & trips or hand-painted on wooden boards, so it takes a lot of time to discover, test & finally present them to the public collection.

Thank You SO much for being here & supporting my dream project in any way You do it!! 

Have a great, creative day!!


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