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A place where true photography passion, meets love for genuine food stories. 
Creating aesthetic images and translating your vision into a picture, whether you are a food blogger, brand, or a restaurant is what "Salty Biscotti" is about. 
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Salty Biscotti - The Creator

Hi, I am Marianthi (Anthia for the friends abroad) and I am a food & still life photographer based in Athens.

I treasure the moments and memories that are built around a table. Family and friend meetings for a Sunday lunch, festive days filled with warm smells, peacefull breakfast times, the sweetness of a dessert, the aroma of a hot cup of coffee. So I started my food blog to capture, share and write about those “golden” food times.

Photography has always been a great passion of mine and the more I learned the more it gained my heart. My food blog inevitably transformed into a photography page, sharing artistic food stories and all the latest projects I am working on.


I hope that my work keeps you a good company along with your morning coffee, make you a little happier, or just inspire your day!!


Welcome aboard!!